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Quantum Physics of Time Travel: Relativity, Space Time, Black Holes, Worm Holes, Retro-Causality, Paradoxes

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by Joseph Gabriel (Author) 

Table of Contents

1: The Time Machine of Past Present and Future

2: Time Is Relative: Future, Past, Present Overlap and Exist Simultaneously

3: Time Dilation And The Contraction of Space Time

4: Twins, Time Travel, Gravity And Aging

5. Time Travel And Aging: Clocks, Gravity, Altitude, Longitude & Longevity

6. Acceleration, Light Speed, Time Travel, G-Forces And Fuel

7: The Curvature of Space-Time: Gravity and the Bending of Light and Time

8. The Circle of Time: In A Rotating Universe The Future Leads to the Past

9: Time Travel Through Black Holes in the Fabric of Space-Time

10: Microscopic Time Travel At the Speed of Light

11: “Worm Holes” In Extreme Curvatures of Space Time

12. Worm Holes, Negative Energy, Casimir Force And The Einstein-Rosen Bridge

13: Black Holes And Gravitational Sling Shots

14. The Time Traveler in Miniature: Negative Mass and Energy

15: Tachyons, Negative Energy, The Circle of Time: From the Future to the Past

16. Duality: The Past And Future In Parallel

17: The Mirror of Time: Red Shift, Blue Shifts and Duality

18. Into the Past: Duality, Anti-Matter and Conservation of Energy

19: Quantum Entanglement And Causality: The Future Effects the Past

20: Light, Wave Functions and the Uncertainty Principle: Changing the Future and the Past

21: Paradoxes of Time Travel and the Multiple Worlds of Quantum Physics

22. Epilogue: A Journey Though The Many Worlds of Time

23. References

Categories : Relativity Physics, Quantum Theory

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Publisher ‏ : ‎ Cosmology Science Publishers, Cambridge (March 2, 2014)

Publication date ‏ : ‎ March 2, 2014

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