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Consciousness & emotion : agency, conscious choice, and selective perception

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by Ralph D. Ellis (Editor), Natika Newton (Editor)

The papers in this volume of Consciousness & Emotion Book Series are organized around the theme of "enaction." Enactive emotional processes are not merely the recipients of information or the passive victims of input and learning.

The organism first is engaged in an ongoing, complex pattern of self-organizational activity, for the purpose of maintaining a dynamical continuity of pattern across changes of subserving micro-constituents and environmental conditions, making use of multiple shunt mechanisms, feedback loops, and other complex dynamical features. Self-organizational structure is used to distinguish between action and mere reaction.

Accordingly, the papers of this volume by leading students of emotion such as Jaak Panksepp, Luc Ciompi, Thomas Natsoulas, Farzaneh Pahlavan, Michela Balconi, Todd Lubart, Louise Sundararajan, Jordan Petersen and others address three main issues:

I. Emotional influences on perception and thought

II. Agency and choice

III. Agency and moral value

Categories: Consciousness research, Psychology, Cognitive psychology

ISBN 10: 9027294615

Year: 2005

Publisher: John Benjamins Pub.

Series: Consciousness & emotion 1.

Language: English

Pages: 330

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