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Doppelganger: A Trip into the Mirror World

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by Naomi Klein (Author)

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER | National Indie Bestseller

New York Times notable book of 2023 | Vulture's #1 book of 2023

One of Slate's ten best books of 2023 | A Guardian best ideas book of 2023 | One of Time's ten best books of 2023

"If I had to name a single book that makes sense of these last few dark years, it would be this one." —Katie Roiphe, The New York Times Book Review (Editors' Choice)

“If ever a book was necessary, it’s this one.” —Bill McKibben

“Thoughtful and honest . . . Incisive . . . Klein moves her reader toward the truer grounds of solidarity in these times.” —Judith Butler

What if you woke up one morning and found you’d acquired another self—a double who was almost you and yet not you at all? What if that double shared many of your preoccupations but, in a twisted, upside-down way, furthered the very causes you’d devoted your life to fighting against?

Not long ago, the celebrated activist and public intellectual Naomi Klein had just such an experience—she was confronted with a doppelganger whose views she found abhorrent but whose name and public persona were sufficiently similar to her own that many people got confused about who was who. Destabilized, she lost her bearings, until she began to understand the experience as one manifestation of a strangeness many of us have come to know but struggle to define: AI-generated text is blurring the line between genuine and spurious communication; New Age wellness entrepreneurs turned anti-vaxxers are scrambling familiar political allegiances of left and right; and liberal democracies are teetering on the edge of absurdist authoritarianism, even as the oceans rise. Under such conditions, reality itself seems to have become unmoored. Is there a cure for our moment of collective vertigo?

Naomi Klein is one of our most trenchant and influential social critics, an essential analyst of what branding, austerity, and climate profiteering have done to our societies and souls. Here she turns her gaze inward to our psychic landscapes, and outward to the possibilities for building hope amid intersecting economic, medical, and political crises. With the assistance of Sigmund Freud, Jordan Peele, Alfred Hitchcock, and bell hooks, among other accomplices, Klein uses wry humor and a keen sense of the ridiculous to face the strange doubles that haunt us—and that have come to feel as intimate and proximate as a warped reflection in the mirror.

Combining comic memoir with chilling reportage and cobweb-clearing analysis, Klein seeks to smash that mirror and chart a path beyond despair. Doppelganger asks: What do we neglect as we polish and perfect our digital reflections? Is it possible to dispose of our doubles and overcome the pathologies of a culture of multiplication? Can we create a politics of collective care and undertake a true reckoning with historical crimes? The result is a revelatory treatment of the way many of us think and feel now—and an intellectual adventure story for our times.


"I’ve been raving about Naomi Klein’s Doppelganger . . . I can’t think of another text that better captures the berserk period we’re living through." ―Michelle Goldberg, The New York Times

Doppelganger is an in-depth critique of what late-stage capitalism hath wrought. But it’s also much more. Klein wields her polymathic expertise like a sword, slicing through the mirror world . . . There’s a lot going on in Doppelganger, yet somehow Klein ties it all together into what we seem to be lacking as individuals: a cohesive whole. Doppelganger is both timely and timeless, a work in a grand tradition.” ―Chris Vognar, Los Angeles Times

"Insightful . . . [Doppelganger is] the most introspective and whimsical of Klein’s books to date, but it is also one of surprising insights, unexpected connections and great subtlety." ―William Davies, The Guardian

"[Doppelganger is] a very, very good book. The premise . . . An ambitious, wide-ranging exploration of this very frightening moment of polycrisis and systemic failure . . .Klein has produced a first-rate literary work just as much as this is a superb philosophical and political tome . . . An essential read." ―Cory Doctorow, Pluralistic

"[Doppelganger] stands alongside Klein's bestsellers No Logo and The Shock Doctrine as a crucial study of the ways that identity, image, ideology and economics become intertwined in the bewildering conditions of 21st-century consumer capitalism, and is in many ways a subtler and more challenging work than either of those." ―Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

"[A] brave new book . . . By the end [of Doppelganger], I wondered if maybe Klein had come closer than ever to cracking the code that reveals what, really, is at the heart of our collective dysfunction . . . Klein brings her analytical prowess and keen wit to an exploration of the concept of doubles . . . [She] blends the personal and the political so seamlessly that it’s hard to imagine they could ever be apart." ―Bill Lueders, The Progressive

"[A] striking meditation . . . Klein’s writing is perceptive and intriguingly personal . . . By articulating such an expansive view of the uncanny, Klein's mesmerizing narrative reflects the unique anxieties and modes of analysis that have come to dominate the online era. Like Klein’s previous books, it’s a definitive signpost of the times." Publishers Weekly

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