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Space 2.0: How Private Spaceflight, a Resurgent NASA, and International Partners are Creating a New Space Age

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by Rod Pyle (Author), Buzz Aldrin (Foreword)

We're on the cusp of new era in the great adventure of space exploration and development. 

More than a half-century ago, humanity first hurled objects into space, and almost 50 years ago, astronauts first walked on the moon. Since then, we have explored Earth's orbit with shuttles, capsules, and space stations; sent robots to Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus; sampled a comet; sent telescopes into orbit; and charted most of our own planet.

In Space 2.0, space historian Rod Pyle, in collaboration with the National Space Society, will give you an inside look at the next few decades of spaceflight and long-term plans for exploration, utilization, and settlement.

No longer the exclusive domain of government entities such as NASA and other national agencies, space exploration is rapidly becoming privatized, with entrepreneurial startups building huge rocket boosters, satellites, rocket engines, asteroid probes, prospecting craft, and even commercial lunar cargo landers to open this new frontier. Research into ever more sophisticated propulsion and life support systems will soon enable the journey to Mars and destinations deeper in our solar system. As these technologies continue to move forward, there are virtually no limits to human spaceflight and robotic exploration.

While the world has waited since the Apollo lunar program for the next "giant leap," these critical innovations, most of which are within our grasp with today's technology, will change the way we live, both in space and on Earth. A new space age--and with it, a new age of peace and prosperity on Earth, and settlement beyond our planet--can be ours.

Speaking with key leaders of the latest space programs and innovations, Pyle shares the excitement and promise of this new era of exploration and economic development. From NASA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos, to emerging leaders in the private sector such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, Moon Express, Virgin Galactic, and many others, Space 2.0 examines the new partnerships that are revolutionizing spaceflight and changing the way we reach for the stars.


"Optimistic, but not over-the-top so. Comprehensive, from accurate history to clearly outlined future prospects. Sensitive to the emerging realities of the global space enterprise. Well-written and nicely illustrated. In Space 2.0, Rod Pyle has given us an extremely useful overview of what he calls 'a new space age'."

--John Logsdon, professor emeritus at Space Policy Institute, George Washington University

"The most exciting developments in the human exploration and development of space in the twenty-first century is the commercialization and internationalization of space access. New firms have emerged to provide cargo and soon human access to the International Space Station, and a broader range of international actors have developed capabilities only dreamed of twenty years ago. Rod Pyle tells this story with verve and style, offering a unique perspective on the second space age, Space 2.0, and its possibilities yet to be realized."

--Roger Launius, former chief historian for NASA

"A clear and enthusiastic account of the current and future era in human spaceflight, concise and accurate, yet packed with information. It's a primer on rocketry and other space-related industries, national and international space programs, key facilities, planetary defense, asteroid mining, bases in space and more.  Space 2.0 is a beginner's must-read for anyone contemplating an investment in the space industry or a career in spaceflight or space policy."

--Stephen P. Maran, author of Astronomy for Dummies and recipient of the NASA Medal for Exceptional Achievements

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