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The Queering of the American Child: How a New School Religious Cult Poisons the Minds and Bodies of Normal Kids

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by Logan Lancing (Author), James Lindsay (Author)

American children are learning a lot about sex, "gender," and sexuality in their schools. District administrators, teachers, and even librarians are obsessed with pushing inappropriate topics onto kids, all in the name of fostering "inclusion." Children today learn that they were "assigned a sex at birth" and can change their sex or "gender" at will. Kids are no longer learning to read, write, or do math, but they are learning how to be "radical gender" activists. Meanwhile, school districts keep parents in the dark, hiding critical information about the health and well-being of their children from them.

American education wasn't like this forty years ago. The cult of Queer Theory changed everything. Inspired by the religious teachings of Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Queer Activists "queered" American education. Schools are no longer teaching children how to flourish in society—they are initiating children into the cult of Queer Theory. Once initiated, children "experience the queer" as they adopt a new cult identity and embark on the destructive path of social and medical "transition."

In this book, The Queering of the American Child, Logan Lancing and James Lindsay explain what Queer Theory is, where it comes from, how it got into schools, and what it's doing to children nationwide. The cult of Queer Theory preys on children, and it must be understood if we are ever to stop the madness.

Logan Lancing is an author, speaker, and the founder of In his first book, The Woke Warpath: How Marxists Use Race and Gender to Break America, Lancing exposed the insidious ideas behind the radical movements to defund the police, radicalize children in classrooms, and trample the rights of women. He is known for his public lectures on Critical Race Theory, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, and Queer Theory. Lancing’s website, explains what these “woke” theories are, where they come from, and how they show up in children’s classrooms nationwide.

James Lindsay is an author, internationally recognized speaker, and the founder and president of New Discourses. He is best known for his relentless criticism of "Woke" ideology, the now-famous Grievance Studies Affair, and his bestselling books including Race Marxism and Cynical Theories, which has been translated into over twenty languages. In addition to writing and speaking, including at the Oxford Union, Library of Congress, and European Parliament, Lindsay is the voice of the New Discourses Podcast and has been a guest on prominent media outlets including The Joe Rogan Experience, Glenn Beck, Fox News, and NPR.

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